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Welcome to Nightingales!

In our class we have 17 children in Foundation Stage plus 6 children in Year 1. Our teacher is Mrs Winter; our teaching assistant is Miss Hill. On Monday afternoons we have Forest School with Mrs Rae. Please look about on this page to see what we have been doing!

Class events

Thu 1 Mar

World Book Day

Fri 9 Mar

Mothers' Day and Carers' Assembly

Fri 23 Mar

Nightingales sharing assembly

Fri 23 Mar

Parent celebration assembly

Mon 11 Jun - Fri 15 Jun

Y1/2 Phonics Screening Week

Thu 28 Jun

Lego Robotics Day for Y1 - 6

Mon 2 Jul

Shuffle Up Day

Mon 9 Jul

FS multi-skills

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Junk model houses 

Thank you to all those who sent in pictures of your houses. In geography this term we have been finding out about our local area. Children have enjoyed our walk around the village and our bus trip to Carterton, finding out more about our environment and local amenities, as well as completing a traffic survey.  

Linked with our learning about 3D shapes in maths children have also made models of their houses, selecting and naming the shapes they needed. We have particularly enjoyed using Google Earth to look more closely at where we all live. 

Woodland animal biscuits

Nightingales have been enjoying the stories of Percy the Park Keeper in literacy this term. We have been talking about the different characters in the stories, linked with this we used woodland animal shaped cutters to make our chocolate biscuits.  

Next term our topic will be all about animals. We will begin by using the 'Percy's Friends’ books to find out about different animals. Children will find out facts about animals, create animal pictures and models and add labels. 

3D shapes

Nightingales have been learning about 3D shapes this week. Year 1's have been using polydron to explore making shapes. 

A map on a wrap 

In our cooking activity today children made treasure island maps. As part of speaking and listening they then gave instructions to find their treasure. 

Bus Adventure 

Today the children from Foundation and Year 1 all set off to explore our local area some more.  As part of the Neighbourhood Development Plan we have been talking about local facilities and amenities, but there are no shops in Brize Norton, so where should we go? 

Thirty-three children and six adults caught the bus to Carterton, much to the driver and other passengers surprise. Once in Carterton Year 1's went into Robert Taylor's Estate Agents where the very kind people helped us find where we were on their map and trace our bus journey.  They then spoke with us about the different types of houses we have in our area and gave every child a magazine to take home. 

In the mean time Foundation children went in to Asda to do our shopping for cooking on Friday, will we be making wraps or maps? They will have to wait and see. (No, it won't be chocolate muffins with peppers and cheese Darcie!)

When Year 1 had finished in the estate agents we went for a look around at the different shops to see what we might find.  There were lots of places if we wanted to eat, everything from pizzas to chinese, or cake and coffee. If we wanted to get our hair cut or nails polished we could do those things too.  We could even get our bike fixed if we needed to.  But where would I go for a new party dress and pair of shoes? 

After they had paid for their shopping it was the Foundation children's turn to have a look in the estate agents and learn about different houses. We all then met back at the bus stop to catch the bus back to school in time for lunch. 

Many thanks to the three parents who joined us on our trip, and also to the helpful staff in Robert Taylor's and Asda. 

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