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Welcome to Buccaneers!

In our class we have 18 children in Foundation Stage plus 9 children in Year 1. Our teacher is Mrs Winter; our main teaching assistant is Mrs Johnson, though we also have support from Miss Hill. On Monday afternoons we have Forest School with Mrs Rae. Please look about on this page to see what we have been doing!

Adults in our class update

Mrs Winter is awaiting hip replacement surgery and will be reducing the time she is is class. Mrs Sinclair will now be teaching on Monday and Wednesday mornings and will be leading the class whilst Mrs Winter is absent after her operation. Mrs Winter and Mrs Sinclair are working together to ensure continuity for the children. Please come and talk to us if you have any questions or concerns.

Mrs Johnson is enrolled on a two year course of study to become a teacher. As part of her course she is required to gain experience in a range of schools and settings. She is currently taking part in an exchange with Bampton Primary therefore we have Mrs Burroughs in class with us this week and next week. Mrs Johnson will be returning after next week. 

Class events

Fri 30 Nov, 09:00-10:30

Buccaneers Sharing Assembly

Thu 13 Dec

Aladdin at Chipping Norton Theatre

Fri 14 Dec, 14:30-15:15

Parent Celebration Assembly

Mon 17 Dec

KS1 production

Thu 20 Dec

Christmas Dinner

Fri 21 Dec

Term ends 1:15

Fri 21 Dec, 10:00-11:00

Carol Service

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Super Spellers this week 

16.11.18 Congratulation Hailey, Emily and Summer, 10/10 in your spelling test this week!

Read 5 nights

Previous week (Friday 19.11.18) Finlay, Darcey, Olivia, Eddie, Nicholas, Evie 2, Elle, Hailey, Emily, Elliot, Summer, Daniel C. 

Last week (Friday 16.11.18) Hugo, Grace, Eddie, Nathan, William, Lucy, Finlay, Olivia, Isaac, Nicholas, Martha, Evie 2, Daniel B, Daniel C. 

Well done!

More RAF Brize Norton 

RAF Brize Norton

An amazing day at the airbase.  Children explored a C17, were shown around the airport terminal, had demonstrations of how the paras practise and went in the Hercules simulator.

Thank you to Suzi and Ceri for organising. Well done to Miss Hill and Mrs Edmunds for braving the parachute hoists and especially Mrs Conner who jumped from the practice platform!


We started our session this week with a hunt for pictures of minibeasts that had been hidden around the site; it's a great way for the children to look around at the site changes and an opportunity to work together.  Afterwards, the children were inspired to search for real bugs in their habitats and we had plenty of worms and woodlice being brought to us!  Some children also chose to make insect fossils in clay as well as spiders.

It has been lovely to see how this group's confidence has grown over the weeks. They are working really nicely together to make dens and fires - and showing real resilience.

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